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Kora is a quailified Neuromuscular Physical Therapist. She has diplomas in Neuromuscular Physical Therapist, Orthopaedic Sports Massage and Traditional Thai Massage. Her knowledge in Physical Therapy brings Traditional Thai Massage to another level. Kora is the first one who combines Thai Massage and Neuromuscular Physical Therapy Techniques together. It’s the new approach of manual therapy that everyone should experience.


Neuromuscular Physical Therapist

Danielle graduates with a sports therapy degree. She comes from a sporting background of playing club to county level football. Danielle has worked at many events like iron man, women’s strong and numerous marathons. She strives for every client to be pain free and provides them with the exercises they need. Danielle has experience in dealing with massage treatments, injury’s or musculoskeletal issues that need treatment or rehabilitation programmes.


Sports Therapist